Where Can I Advertise my Locksmith Business?

When you first set up a locksmith business it can be tempting to place adverts in every publication you can find. However, with advertising costs taking up such a huge percentage of your set up costs, it really pays to think about which ads are likely to give you the best returns.

With the rising popularity of the internet for locating services and trades, the traditional print publications are experiencing tough times. The Yellow Pages has reduced the size of its book, mainly due to the fact that many tradespeople are choosing not to advertise with them. The theory is that as people have access to so much information on the web, there is no need to keep a copy of a directory in their houses. A tradesman that I know who runs a locksmith St Ives, told me that since opting out of the Yellow Pages, he has seen no decrease in profits.

However, there are a few printed publications and directories that could prove profitable. Your local newspaper should be your first port of call, as these will give your customer’s a strong sense of your local connections, putting you one step ahead of the national companies. Adverts in a local paper are usually affordable, and as you pay by the word, you can create an ad to match your budget. Simple text adverts with basic information could be less that ten pounds, but you will also have the option of adding photographs, stand-out colours and design elements such as borders and shading.